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More than talented!

Jennifer Toof was born on February 22, 1984 in Havertown. She grew up in the southeastern Pennsylvania, attended Haverford High School and took a psychology degree from Northeastern University. She was immediately in a modeling industry. She was noticed for her angelic body as was a great model to work with. She enjoyed modeling job too, it was much better that doing homework in college, so she didn’t spend much time there though attending medical classes. She is about to be a clinical psychologist, why not? Doing what she does takes actresses’ talent and deep erudition of human nature. She opened her own modeling agency called Glitterati Models to help gifted beauties to enter the modeling space.

TV show

Toastee took part in Flavor of Love season 2 as one of the contestants. 2006 show picked twenty girls for Flavor Flav. All were supposed to live in a mansion in California for two months. Afterwards Flav found out that Toastee had modeled nude and appeared in adult videos in the past. Toastee sex video has leaked to the internet and she was eliminated from the show.

Breathtaking career

Next she took part in a new TV show ‘I love money’ and filmed a fantastic ‘Flavor for love’ spin-off ‘Charm school’. She made a wide range of adult films by alias of Natalia the Scissor Vixen. On you may reach her ‘Top this’. She may perform the full splits in one jaw-dropping scenario like she did in ‘Toastee exposed’ in 2007 that you may reach out at actually presents the best offers for watching her videos. Graceful lady does it perfectly in her sex tape ‘Tickled part one’ and ‘Tickled part two’ that you may see at, say no more, she is adorable.

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‘Toastee exposed’ tape that Jennifer did in 2007 shows that her enthusiasm for sex is obvious, while she declares that entertainment is only temporary in her life, more of a pastime though being a lot of fun. Take a close look at this beauty. It’s hard to believe your eyes, she is too good to be true!

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